Our Advantage

1. Saturday and weekday evening lectures. Conveniently accessible / School for Working Professionals

The Graduate School of Business Sciences of the University of Tsukuba was established in 1989 as the first graduate school offering evening courses for working professionals. Our campus is located a mere three-minute walk away from Myogadani Station on the Marunouchi Line, an easily accessible place and convenient for students working on weekdays.
To offer opportunities for working professionals, we host lectures in the evening (18:20~) and on Saturdays.

2. Four Taught and Research Programs that Deal with the Latest Issues

At our school, students not only learn the practical knowledge of business but also conduct research in the high-class programs. The pillars of our programs are the four “Education and Research Programs”.
In the pragmatic part of the programs, we focus on teaching the core part of today’s business while in the academic part we focus on conducting research with shared objectives and approaches.

3. Three academic supervisors for every one student. Small classes and full support for writing your thesis.

With advise from our faculty, students are able to build their own academic plans based on their interest. By this students can study and carry research out effectively.

The student-teacher ratio of our school is very low.
We provide each student with the support of three faculty members when writing their thesis.
We regularly host thesis presentation through which students can receive effective support in finalizing their thesis.

4. Graduate School for working professional offering every level of programs: Master to Post-Doctoral.

We have taught and research programs of all degree levels. Thus, students continuing to undertake Post-Doctoral programs will receive integrated and consistent education of five years.
If you meet the requirements, you are allowed to skip years.

We offer post-doctoral degree programs.
We also offer preparation support for conducting the post-doctoral research to the master’s students.
It is possible to finish your master and post-doctoral programs in a minimum of three and a half years.

5. From university faculties to entrepreneurs. Successful records of careers afterwards.

We have had outstanding records of the career destinations for our graduates, and have been successful in building networks with enterprises. Our graduates’ paths include executive employees of enterprises as well as entrepreneurs of venture capitals and faculties at universities.

Our objective is to train executives.
Our graduates’ occupations include faculty members of universities (more than 100), researchers and consultants.
More than 20 of our graduates have become successful entrepreneurs of venture capitals.

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